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Signs and Symbols Rule the World

As the great Chinese philosopher Confucius said, "Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws."

There is a reason for this.

When people speak they are transmitting vibration generated by their vocal chords. These vibrations are picked up by the ears of the receiver and transmitted electrically to the brain to be decoded into words.

Everything is a frequency field and the same's with symbols. They are frequencies that represent what they are meant to symbolize and they are transmitted to the brain through the visual senses (through which 80% of the info the brain employs to construct reality is sourced).

The difference is that when we hear sound such as words our conscious mind is aware of that, but when the information fields that we call symbols access the brain they do so subconsciously. Even if one or two register with the conscious mind only a few people realize what they represent and are covertly communicating.

It is all subconscious.

In short, signs and symbols are secret gateways to the human mind.

The hidden hand know this, hence why they have their own language of symbolism and the reason they place their symbols throughout society.

Either side of the President as he made his State of the Union address this year were the symbols of power known as the fasces - the word from which we get the term fascism.

This could not be more appropriate given the agenda of those that control this individual, like his predecessors, have in mind.

Fasces comes from the Latin fascis or ‘bundle’ and it was the power symbol of ancient Rome, although it has earlier roots.

They were often decorated with laurel leaves and once again we see this behind every president. The laurel is another major bloodline symbol and this is why we see it on the logo of the United Nations. The U.N. emblem also includes the flat earth model, representing our dimension under their dominion.

The symbol is also broken up into the numerologically-significant 33 segments in the gun-sight pointing at the earth - hence the 33 degrees of the Masonic Scottish Rite.

The axe head on the fasces symbolize dictatorship and the magisterial power to impose capital punishment. In the totality of this symbol the rods tied together represent individuality (nations and peoples as slaves) bound under tyranny.

The same can be described of the European Union, etc.

Now why would the 'Land of the Free' have the symbol of fascism, the symbol from which the very term came, at such a prime location? And why can the same symbol be found everywhere else, not only Congress?

The reason is: America is a fascist state masquerading as a 'free nation'.

It is the new Rome, and the District of Columbia is built on land that was Rome, Maryland in the 1660s property records and owned by the Roman Cult. The European Union, Britain, etc. are also totalitarian colonies operating under the guise of freedom and peace.

All the rest is smoke-and-mirrors for your consumption.

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